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Levinee Chemicals Supply


Commodity Brokerage Services

As an upcoming commodity trader specialized in chemicals, petrochemicals, food and beverage products, our professional team strives to assist manufacturers and trading firms to source for exporting their products and in the meantime, provide risk management, logistic solutions and trade finance services. We have an extensive network spread across the European and CIS countries through our partners. Executing orders to buy or sell commodity contracts on behalf of our clients, we help our customers to make the process more orderly through technology, experience and monitoring regulations. SIA Levinee undertakes more than simply carrying out a commodity trade. Our staff is entrusted with the responsibility of researching the markets to provide appropriate recommendations and solutions.

Imports to Customer Order and Customs Clearance

Our international chemicals, petrochemicals, food and beverage products trading activity includes complete logistics and customs support. We work closely with leading customs brokers to handle customs clearance of any consignment arriving by road, sea or air at main trading ports or airports in Europe. SIA Levinee is adept at handling Bills of Lading, Letters of Credit and any other documents that may be required to provide a smooth logistics process.

Warehousing/ Re-packing, Distribution

As part of our hard and soft commodity trading operations, SIA Levinee maintains storage facilities. Our strategic warehousing locations enable us to fulfill commitments to our customers in central and northern Europe. SIA Levinee can undertake either park/re-pack or palletize/re-palletize all of goods, depending upon the needs of our customers. Our distribution solutions ensure us to provide consistent delivery of quality services that guarantee efficient and professional control of client’s cargo and equipment assets.