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Levinee Chemicals Supply

Aluminum oxide microspheres

SIA Levinee is a monodisperse alumina (aluminum oxide) microsphere distributor in the Baltic States and we offer the following product range:
Monodisperse alumina (aluminum oxide) microsphere 1-150 μm (white);
Monodisperse alumina (aluminum oxide) microsphere 150 - 300 μm (grey)

About the material

Alumina microspheres are hollow aluminosilicate glass ceramic beads which are produced during flaring a coal at high temperature. Any technical issue that requires weight reduction at a low heat conductivity, high strength and economy of volume, increased resistance to erosion and aggressive environments can be solved by using of monodisperse alumina (aluminum oxide) microsphere.

Due to its uniqueness alumina microspheres can be used as the constituent elements of composite materials in various industries:

Chemical industry

in the manufacture of crushing materials, defoamers, catalysts, adsorbents.


in the manufacturing of ultra-light and cellular concrete, heat insulation refractory concrete, cement mortars, construction mortars, insulation roofing and sound dampening materials, in manufacture of compositions for the protection of surfaces against sticking weld spatter, in the manufacture of insulation of heating lines, the production of syntactic foams, in the manufacture of highly porous grinding wheels for increasing productivity, in the manufacture of thermoplastic road marking composition.

Mechanical engineering

for the production of ceramics, plastics and polymers for the manufacture of various parts of the melting equipment and aircraft, signaling buoys, buoyancy blocks, lifejackets.

Oil and gas industry

as an additive to the mud for drilling wells for various purposes, in the production of lightweight grouting mixtures of liquids capping of oil, gas and gas condensate wells , for the preparation of adsorbent to purify water from oil and oil products.

The fire extinguishing

in the production of universal extinguishing powder as a base component of fire- extinguishing compositions, as well as in the production of refractory materials.